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Topic: [TUTORIAL] How to Compile Teeworlds Under Unix/Linux

*Banner created and tutorial inspired by HeroiAmarelo
*If you are looking for a tutorial on how to do this in a Windows environment, please click the banner below:http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/5128/howtocompiletwunderwind.png
*Official Teeworlds documentation on compiling Teeworlds here.
*This tutorial will work for Teeworlds v0.5.x, v0.6.x, and (for now) v0.7.x (pending release also)

1) Things you need before starting.

Using your update manager (apt-get, yum, etc...), you should install the following packages:
  • kernel, kernel-headers, kernel-devel

  • make

  • freetype, freetype-devel

  • python, python-devel
    *NOTE: Python can also be installed from source

  • alsa-lib-devel

  • SDL-devel
    *NOTE: It is recommended to install from source

  • xorg-x11-server-Xorg

  • gl

  • glibc-headers, glibc-common, glibc-devel, gcc, libgcc, gcc-c++, gnutls-c++, libstdc++, libsigc++, libstdc++-devel

Download and Compile Bam (used to compile teeworlds)

Extract the contents of bam and place it in the same directory as where you will have Teeworlds.(For advanced users, this step can be modified as you see fit)

Open a terminal in your bam directory and run the appropriate shell script (.sh file) by typing

  • bash make_unix.sh
    *NOTE1: make_unix.sh is the recommended script for most Unix/Linux users
    *NOTE2: if you get permission errors, please run the command as superuser/root

2) Download Teeworlds source

3) Compile Teeworlds

Open a terminal in the root of your teeworlds directory and run the command:

  • ../bam-(version#)/bam release
    for all stuff

  • ../bam-(version#)/bam server_release
    for server only

  • ../bam-(version#)/bam debug
    for debug version of all

  • ../bam-(version#)/bam server_debug
    for debug version of server

*NOTE: If you are using bam-0.2.0, the bam binary will not be in the root of your bam directory, but rather in ~/bam/src/. Change command paths accordingly.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your favourite forum moderator big_smile

If you find that this tutorial is missing anything or has something incorrect, please contact me and I will fix it.
My main concern for this tutorial is the package listings. If you find one is not needed or one is missing, please contact me and I will fix it.


Re: [TUTORIAL] How to Compile Teeworlds Under Unix/Linux

I don't know about RHEL, CentOS and so on but bam is in the Debian package system and from that also in Ubuntu. no need to compile, just run

[sudo] apt-get install bam

and you are fine. after that it is installed in /usr/local/bin AFAIK, if not still in the PATG

Having troubles finding servers in the serverlist? Go to Pastebin (its a referer cause there is daily a new pastebin) and add the lines to your settings.cfg (in %APPDATA%\teeworlds). Then open teeworlds and go to the favorites tab. (Note however, standard teeworlds client can only show 256 favorites, use ddnet instead)