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I've added some missing features like password entry and map crc checking. Added the connecting and connection error screens. CTF sounds has been added. I've setup the new master server so it's ready for the release. I've prepared for a source release as well. The make_release script now can package up the source into tar.gz and zip archives.

The big things left is to re-add some sounds that were lost, do some weapon tweaking, finish the new webpage, make a cool CTF map and some minor things.

I'm aiming for a release at 15-16 of December (not this weekend but the next). Depends on how well a little trip of mine is going but it should be ok. Remember that this date is not final but it's what I'm aiming for.

I have no pictures this time.


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Can't wait!

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I'm not english but if I ve understand you right 0.3.0 is getting ready ?!awesome! big_smile

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really you'r great!

This is your first and last meet with my gun...   R3ynolds--->Black Wolf.


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rawr, I'm going on Vacations this Saturday so I probably won't be able to play when it comes out.

Oh well, I'll play it in January and keep up the good work wink.


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Omg i LOVE the new site design smile

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Uhh, the new design is beautiful (:

But it's hard to if the signature is a part of the post or not.

Overall über awesome!