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CarmineZ wrote:

but i am a "noob", and 30% of people that play teeworlds are noobs, & to WE noobs love this things!

This doesn't change anything. Noobs have to learn Teeworlds as it is, playing without hidden/camping places.

Not Luck, Just Magic.


Re: [Discontinued] Catching

Invis tile = Bad =>Implementation rejected
TW = Fast-paced shooter

CarmineZ's suggestion = Bad idea

The End

Once in a century...

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Re: [Discontinued] Catching

ok ok, i keep idea for me and for others nobbos like me, ...... the reason is simple:::::
why many people play mods instead of standard gametypes ???
because original vanilla isn't yet a complete atmosphere of gaming (i think)

the future of teeworlds can't be always & only "KILL ENEMY"..... otherwise it will be never a good game for fun


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Nox...I think with a trick you can see them at the invisible places.
Press Ctrl, Shift and D and you can see the ID or whatever over the head of them.

And I would like to test it.
Maybe I make a map for iCatch...but with small "hide places" tongue.

I love this mod lol.

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Re: [Discontinued] Catching

can't trick, because i think "invisibles characters" aren't snapped to clients!


Re: [Discontinued] Catching

how big must be the map?
are 75x75 enough???
and which mapres???

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Slayer *gV* wrote:

Teeworlds is a fast-paced shooter, creating spots to camp would break the gameplay.

Catch is fact-paced and a shooter... even if you may camp most don't hide but run and catch (and if they know somebody is hiding somewhere at XYZ plant they most likely remember and shoot already from the distance)
RACE is fast-paced but no real shooter and have the worst teamplay I know
DDRace is no shooter but came with most forced teamplay by design I know
NODES is a shooter with possiblity for teamplay but you might camp a lot and after your team got a buildlevel > 1 it's most likely not that fast -paced anymore
zESC is a very different shooter compared to Vanilla (shooting is not that important)
w/zPanic is similar to zESC
Infection is similar to zESC and even less fast-paced but lots of camping. Maps that almost never get played in vanilla could get full servers there.
Build is different from vanilla gameplay is not as fast-paced coz there are lot of laserwalls
zCatch is similar to instagib and fast but without teamplay
instagib is probably the most similar mod compared to vanilla (but even got just minor changes)
CITY is most time no shooter got way more players as the following
Custom-CTF is most time no shooter - except shooting into the air or background gfx (it's no mod but almost dead)
If map != ctf5 || gametype != mod then Teeworlds is not the best visited shooter around

Without players teeworlds is just a lot of coding and artists work without any sense. So it's very important what players think about it (not only one). Vanilla gameplay is fun (at least I like it). But most shooters even provide different gameplay. If you like it then it's good... if not then it's even good for you if it bring fresh blood into the servers - avoiding to stall under a too low player level. There are even other games out there that could get serious troubles with too less players. If every body is waiting that somebody connect and so nobody connect cause it's always most time zero then your game is dead - and that's not just a problem regarding teeworlds. And that's even the reason why DDRace is that dangerous. Cause you need 2 players to get already almost 100% fun ... where you need lots more players to get a fun in a CTF match. And that's even the reason why I think that "standard map" filter is most helpful for mods and not for vanilla. wink

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Re: [Discontinued] Catching

Cr1m3 wrote:

Nox...I think with a trick you can see them at the invisible places.
Press Ctrl, Shift and D and you can see the ID or whatever over the head of them.

Nope, this is not possible, my hideout-tiles are "cheat-safe".

*gV* rox big_smile
Creator of the Catching - Mod (clarus is a nuby faker)!


Re: [Discontinued] Catching


you do an amazing job with the Catching mod. I hate to see it go. I haven't been on teeworlds in a year or so, but Catching was always my favorite. Thanks for your hard work.