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Topic: [MAP] pwned1 - DM


this is my first map and i havent had a test run on it yet. its a simple dm map for max 12 players. wink

DL: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=QWS0KRHJ


edit: rapidshare link added

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Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM

Can't download. File is unavailable sad
Sorry. Download now)

Forgive me for my bad english sad

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Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM

map looks good, but "all slots for your country (Ukraine) are full" :\

rapidshare, ifolder, etc..  plz


Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM

could any of you guys host the map and tell me if its all working? smile ive got problems with hosting due to my router.


Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM

awesome map. perfectly for DM.


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ramirez wrote:

... and tell me if its all working? smile ive got problems with hosting due to my router.

It's working... with bad map design wink
I have a little bit fixed verion now online on my Server named "Sn0s TestServer - pwned1_edit map".

You can test your map offline, too. Just create a server on your pc.

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Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM

do you mean the background is badly designed?
thanks for hosting the map anyway, what exactly did you change?


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thx for link to rapidshare.
i try this map, it perfect for few peoples, good. But this map has bugs. In left side map, when move closer to wall, i see artefacts, wall bricks moving from me smile, etc.


Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM

ill see if i can do something about the bugs... but without being able to play it myself, this will be hard. if anyone else could fix the bugs and maybe upload the map again, i would be grateful :- )

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Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM

good map, but i have a trouble:
map already running on the server TeeWars.org.ua (Ukraine Test)

my native lang is translate.google.com (:


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ye, i think everyone is seeing this when playing. i just had a game on it and realized that its made for max.6-8 players. its all very tight, and not as big as it seemed in the editor. still quite fun to play on
any suggestions how the graphic problems might be solved?

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Re: [MAP] pwned1 - DM


some cosmetic change & bug-fix (:
map for 3-6 players.

UPD: and screenshot http://teewars.org.ua/pwned_fix.png

my native lang is translate.google.com (: