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Here is a early concept of the winter tileset I've been working on. Hopefully it will be done before christmas so you all can get some christmas feeling on a couple of teewars maps. smile



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This looks sweet!
While you're at it, I think you should take a sneakpeak at airens wintertiles. I understand if you want to make one by yourself, but he have included some very nice tiles, like iceblocks a'la Megaman and merges between tiles that normally needs two layers to get good-looking. That way layers can be spared and performance gained big_smile
I don't say that you should rip the tiles, just rip the ideas wink
Keep up the good work so we all can play wintermaps over Christmas.

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Aaaaw!... aint that cute!
Seriosly it looks great! My wish for this cristmas. + v0.3 of course wink

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Overall I do recommend testing my map (if you haven't already), just to get inspiration regarding what you shouldn't do. The colors are still my largest issue so I'm very happy when I see your grey color tongue. The grey stuff behind the tree (snow piles or mountains? -doesn't really matter) is good as is the small amount of green on the trees. (on my map everything is WHITE WHITE WHITE). Anyway I'm not an illustrator so I trust in you smile

> That way layers can be spared and performance gained

That's not a performance issue, filling the screen with several layers of tiles on top of each other is. (...a la airen1 or dm2)
also most of my map's graphics are merely modifications of maikka's original graphics so it's kind of embarrassing in a way xP.

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