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Topic: Did Teeworlds development get stuck?

The last official Teeworlds release was released in November 2009. Indeed it seems justifiable to say that development stopped or slowed down. But just because you cannot see development does not mean there is none. Actually there is more activity than ever before. We recently actually reached a peak in activity since the project moved to github. After matricks' decision to hand off the development responsability to a new team. Some people held their breath but (!) as we can see they do a really great job. Oy is pushing one fix after the other. m!nus is caring about the forum very well and Landil is recruiting and training a new graphics team to give Teeworlds a nicer look. In addition there are plenty of other people participating in development who are doing a great job too. The only problem is the normal player does not see these efforts because they are not part of the development community. Just to give you an idea about what happened: the whole code was refactored to provide a better readability, the engine was in big parts ported from C to C++. Douzens of new features were added, for example the dm score HUD, colored and resizable nameplates, a new font system, an auto-save screenshot function that saves the scoretable at the end of a match and many other things where improved and fixed.

* This summary of the current situation of the Teeworlds' development is part of my and Sushi's* personal point of view, which we stated in this very active forum topic. You are invited to join the discussion.

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