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Topic: [COMPETITION] TEEATHLON #2 |Starting:December 2nd 2010 19.00 UTC+1



I´m proud to present you the sequel of the bloody challenge also known as Teeathlon.

TeeAthlon 2# starts on  December 2nd 2010 (Thursday) 19.00 UTC+1 
and ends on December 5th 2010 (Sunday) 21.00 UTC+1

Detailed Information:
official Teeworlds forum

or visit us at IRC: server: QuakeNet
                          channel: #teerace 
(you can use webchat: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?nick=namel … ght=%22400)

General Rules:
Each day we release one map. Competitors have 24 hours for submitting their best times. After the 24 h deadline is reached no more demos are accepted.

Just send in demos of all three maps in time and you'll be considered as a competitor!

Thursday 19.00 UTC+1 - 1st map released (TA02-1).
Friday 19.00 UTC+1 - 1st round is over. 2nd map released (TA02-2).
Friday 21.00 UTC+1 - 1st round times and placements announced.
Saturday 19.00 UTC+1 - 2nd round is over. 3rd map released (TA02-3).
Saturday 21.00 UTC+1 - 2nd round times and placements announced.
Sunday 19.00 UTC+1 - 3rd round is over.
Sunday 21.00 UTC+1 - Tournament over, final ranking.

Submitting demos:
Use the demo-upload page at http://teesites.net/hosted/teeathlon/submit/
Please use the race client with auto-record enabled (check the Autorecord and Save player name box in Settings/Race). It's comfortable and secure for you and less work for us. Download the race client for your operating system here:


Your demos will have to be named this way: map_time_player.demo
For example if your nickname is namelesstee and that your time on TA02-1 is 00:54.12, your demo will be named like this: TA02-1_00.54.12_namelesstee.demo. You have to use the same nickname in game and in the name of your demo. If possible, avoid using symbols in your nickname/filename.

Hosting the maps:
If you host the maps, you have to use the latest race server version. Items are now separated for each player and are now reset each time the player cross the start line. We won't accept demos made on oldest race versions. You have to use the standart race settings and the contest settings, like in this config:

sv_map TA02-01
sv_max_clients 16
sv_port 8303
sv_rcon_password XXXXXXXX
password XXXXXXX
sv_show_others 0
sv_name " Private teeathlon server"

The option "sv_show_others" hides other players, so nobody knows how they players finished the map.

The race server is included in the download for your OS.

The honour! The overall champion will be the one with the lowest total time.

Don't forget to visit the official teeathlon website for most recent rules, downloads and demo upload.

The Teeathlon team.


Re: [COMPETITION] TEEATHLON #2 |Starting:December 2nd 2010 19.00 UTC+1

Thanks for organizing this event.

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Re: [COMPETITION] TEEATHLON #2 |Starting:December 2nd 2010 19.00 UTC+1

Reminder: teeathlon starts tonight, so get ready to start racing 7 o clock swedish/german time tonight!
Countdown and all other info @ teesites.net/hosted/teeathlon

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Re: [COMPETITION] TEEATHLON #2 |Starting:December 2nd 2010 19.00 UTC+1

also you might have tryed to join #teerace @quakenet. Due to wrong channelmodes it was not possible unless you are registered to quakenet...
it is fixed now so if you wanna join you can now smile

first round almost over... dont forget to send in your demos... we wont take any demos sent in after 7 o clock

the first round went better than expected... after a few hours we already had more than 100 entries in our db... lets see how many ppl will actually send in a demo...

btw... who didnt sent in a demo for the first round can still get a good place in next 2 maps but cant win overall!

uptee - a simple web interface for hosting and maintaining teeworlds servers
teerace - a website gathering results of trusted Race-mod servers providing global ranking and statistics
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Re: [COMPETITION] TEEATHLON #2 |Starting:December 2nd 2010 19.00 UTC+1

How can a map be submitted to become an official Tee Athlon map? (Example: Fisico)


Re: [COMPETITION] TEEATHLON #2 |Starting:December 2nd 2010 19.00 UTC+1

I guess you could have contacted the hosts and they'd decided if your map is good enough or not.

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Re: [COMPETITION] TEEATHLON #2 |Starting:December 2nd 2010 19.00 UTC+1

Right now there are two different ways to have your map in a future teeathlon:
- participate to the map design competition (MDC)
- contact us directly (#teerace channel on Quakenet)