Topic: oss4 drivers, segfault

I'm using oss4 and ubuntu, because also doesnt support by sound card (Creative SB X-fi) but when starting teewars it just dies.

chi11y@burken:~/teewars-0.3.4-linux_x86$ ./teewars
[47d3a137][client]: starting...
[47d3a137][config/load]: loading /home/chi11y/.teewars/default.cfg
[47d3a137][gfx]: depthbits = 24
[47d3a137][engine/mastersrv]: refreshing master server addresses
teewars: /home/daniel/Desktop/tee/work/teewars/teewars-0.3.4-src/src/engine/external/portaudio/pa_linux_alsa.c:600: BuildDeviceList: Assertion `snd_config' failed.
Avbruten (SIGABRT) (core dumped)

I know getting sound will prolly be impossible, but well is there a way to run without sound?

I tried setting snd_enable=0 in default.cfg but well default.cfg was empty so it doesnt look right.

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