Topic: More skins

I worked some more on the skins. I've worked out the initilization rutines when connecting to a server so skin name etc are sent like they should. I also made so that skins for teamplay are automaticly generated by using a classical colorize on the skin to make them the correct color. In normal DM, the players will be able to use a skin with it's original colors or use your own colorized version.

Here is the result. First you have the generated blue and red, then the original.
There are some cooler stuff that you can do make it even better like just rotating the hue but I'm gonna leave it like this for now.

I also fixed a minor glitch with the prediction when running on a localhost so it's much smoother now.


Re: More skins

Seems like some really smart solutions there. Nice too see that you´ll be able too have the tee look so close too how they used too look, too, while still being slightly different smile.