Topic: [MAP] ctf_invalid

name: ctf_invalid

gametype: ctf

players: 4on4

with GL
without GL




ty 4 feedback

//ps: name's a bit strange but hey... who cares)


Re: [MAP] ctf_invalid

This is awesome! - I wish the mappers in the world will look up to you

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Re: [MAP] ctf_invalid

This defiantly has qualitee. Very similar to how the original maps are made. [+1]
The only part I don't like is the two platforms close together towards the middle of the map... It's redundant to me, but the gameplay is in reality the most important part. Perhaps just alittle more armor and hearts but it's fine otherwise. I hope someone puts this map on a sever for people to play. ^^

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Re: [MAP] ctf_invalid

Don't place flags in the air.

aka cheesy


Re: [MAP] ctf_invalid

grummi wrote:

Don't place flags in the air.

It's funnier too catch it than smile


Re: [MAP] ctf_invalid

first impression : good

I gonna test play it and come to a final conclusion atleast the presentation  and first look is good.


Re: [MAP] ctf_invalid

Actually, it think there’s even more armor / health than in ctf4.
Ofc the map is bigger but I thought that would depend on the number of players.

I know that it’s quite unconventional to place the flags like that. But in my opinion it affects the gameplay in a positive way in this case (it’s more difficult to get the flag / capture fast)