Topic: [VIDEO] [Krypton] Sky's teeworlds gameplay video

hey guys,

3-4 days ago I decided to create a video about my gameplay. These scenes are from the 6th. of January to the 20th. of January and includes:

fastcaps (ctf2, ctf3, ctf4 3x)
and insta scenes on these maps (ctf2, ctf4, ctf4_new and test11)


Sony Vegas

Music: Sonic ocremix - Strip Mine by Beatdrop.

I don't put many "special" effects on my scenes (like wave, swirl or something like that), because I want to show my teeworlds gameplay and not my "skill" of Sony Vegas.

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTgm93xsKvo

Hope you enjoy it and if you don't like the music, pls turn it off^^

Yours sincerely


Re: [VIDEO] [Krypton] Sky's teeworlds gameplay video

Nice movie, and nice skilz... I would sure think you are a bot tongue
Music.. Well - not so bad wink

Before you come to any conclusion - try walking in my shoes - You'll keep stuble in my footsteps...