Topic: [QUESTION] How do i portforward my router?

I am on a linux ubuntu 9.04 and I want to portforward a server how do i do that?
My router is an netgear router wgr614

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Re: [QUESTION] How do i portforward my router?

Go where you administrate your router, and watch for NAT.
There, redirect the port x (8303 for ex)  to the port y (8303 too, or another) of your PC.

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Re: [QUESTION] How do i portforward my router?

This is not a Teeworlds related problem. By the way, follow these steps:

Open your router IP. (in the example, Internet Explorer... since you are under Ubuntu, use Firefox)

Default are "admin" and "password".

Click on the port forwarding link on the left

Click add custom service.

Compile the form and apply the settings. Default port are from 8303 to 8309. The IP you must enter in the form is the ip of the computer running the server. For know this, go on the PC that is running the server, open a terminal and write "ifconfig".
If you want to do this, you must have a static IP, or every time the PC connect to the LAN it will receive a different DHCP IP address.

For more informations: http://portforward.com/english/routers/ … orrent.htm
It uses bittorrent as an example, Teeworlds is the same. Instead of TCP it uses UDP.

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Re: [QUESTION] How do i portforward my router?

You just have to login to your router control panel. To find out how do the following:

Go to Start>Run>type in CMD and hit enter
A command prompt box will appear. Type in IPCONFIG and look for the numbers after Gateway, something like

Now open your browser and type in that IP address and it should put you at the control panel inside the router. Login and then there should be a place to do port forwarding. Depending on the router will depend on what it's called. Not knowing your model makes it difficult to explain much more.

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