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Really, I must admit I find myself stupid asking this question.. but, how should I know what server to connect to?

I have found no official server, and the "TeeWars servers checker" I have downloaded don't come out with any results.. So, could someone with insight in the matter explain for a poor soul how to play the game? smile


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have you forwarded port UDP 8303 on your firewall?


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Re: Playing the game?

It´s supposed too show a long list of all available servers in the game´s menu system, and it´s just too click one of them and then click join. The list also shows servername, which map is used on the server (the ones called dm and a number are the official ones, and the only ones that will work without downloading custom stuff) and your ping value too the server (how good your connection is too it, the lower the better).

If you arn´t getting a list of servers in the games menusystem, then something is wrong. Probably that your firewall is blocking the signals, like TroXx said.

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Re: Playing the game?

Ah my problem was explained! I live at a boarding school and they have decided downloading is not allowed and therefore all ports except WoW, webbrowsing and exceptions are blocked. But if I where to talk to the internetfella on my school, what ports should I unblock? Just the UDP 8303?

Thank you for your answers smile


Re: Playing the game?

The game uses UDP 8303 to communicate with the servers and UDP 8383 to communicate with the master server.