Topic: [INFO] List of Tutorials

This is a reference topic that keeps track of updated tutorials for various Teeworlds related things. If you want to add a tutorial, post it here and it will be reviewed.

- Make a pull request on git by GreYFoX
- Compile everything (general)
- Translate Teeworlds by Landil

- Movements by PrimeviL

Graphical Creativity
- Teeworlds-styled logotype by Landil
- Skins by Lappi
- Sun with rays by khubajsn
- Skins & Game by PrimeviL

- 0.6 map editor by alias
- How to use the automapper by jxsl13

- PHP statictics tools by Niki49
- Teeworlds IRC by Kottizen
- Server hosting by wapps.warpaint.
- Accessing the external console by Slinack.