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i wish i had a copy of my posts but now ill keep them for this forum. -_-
If some right information are "unsuitable for the forum or an interruption to the topic" then im very sorry the things are how they are and you cant change this.

And if you dont want to actualy think about what to do with Aimbotters and where the real problems are then i dont know why this topic exists.

I stopped playing TW for 3 month because a botter destroyed my server.
But now i wanted to do something about it and fight them and one day maybe bring my server back up, but if i come here and want to talk about the problems my posts get deleted.
Thats NOT good if you delete posts for rude language or something like rasism is good but if you delete them because you dont like the information thats not what admins should do they schould keep the forums clean of crap not clean of usefull informtion they dont like!
you should think about this.

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As said before, it's impossible to tell by whom and for reason you post was deleted. One thing that should be very clear is that we never, ever delete posts just for their content, as long as it's related to Teeworlds. Either your post was lost by accident, or there was some other reason for this. As there are many moderators it will take some investigating to retrieve any information on this issue. For now let's keep this topic on the subject. Either re-instate your previous post or contact me by mail so we can try to get this issue sorted out.

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I code in C/C++ and I'm ready to go for a anti-aimbot tool. To do that we need to analyze how the aimbots work, there is the pixel by pixel method etc... so we can make a program that regroups all these things. There is two way to making it whether we make a server application that analyzes behaviors or a client and server application which can check the sources to see if they ' re corrupted, or analyzes the script started by the client. Anyways, we need to focus on that... Also I think a blacklist that the servers share is good.. I mean we can do a tool that add an ip to the ban list when this ip is getting banned and at each start of the server the application checks if its blacklist is up to date by comparing itself to the database's blacklist and if it ain't up to date it download the blacklist or add ips.

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Re: Official Aimbot Discussion

Been there, done that. This discussion has been running in circles and is going nowhere. I'm closing it for good. Keeping it sticky for the informational purpose.