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Well I'd like to see slopes in game. It was proposed here one time. I've did some base tiles, but they still need work. Tees should walk on it with same speed as on flat tile. When going down with 1.5x speed.



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Its a great idea if added correctly. The behavior and angle of "slopes" (never heard the word before smile ) must be tested which i belive the devs can do great.

It would also benefit the hammer "charge" thing discussed in http://www.teewars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=486


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Slopes has been discussed and will probelby be added at some point but nothing decided yet.


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That's good, it has been discussed.
Question to developers: Which script is used to generate tiles? There aren't any graphics for it, so I guess they're generated by script.

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It's contained inside the map files themselves. The version 4 maps use compression to store all images so they dont take up huge amount of space, and that also makes it very hard to edit =o However, ive tried adding slopes, and it doesn't work, which means the tiles have to be updated in 0.4.0 to allow for transparency outside of top left corner to also be air.