Topic: Setting up a server?

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I'm having problems with setting up a server. I wrote the following in the terminal:

~/Desktop/Teewars/Teewars.app/Contents/MacOS/teewars -m dm2 -n "Berserks server" -o 8303

Teewars opened up. I can't see my server and I can't connect to it through localhost:8303 either.

So, is there anything that I have missed or done wrong?

And yes, I have opened a port in my router.


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Re: Setting up a server?

Well, the same here. Server is currently unsupported on OSX. It is a separate binary that's not included in the release. I might be able to do a release tomorrow. PPC or Intel?

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Re: Setting up a server?

Intel. smile I must say you guys are great at helping your members. big_smile

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Re: Setting up a server?

Commands have been changed also.

~/Desktop/Teewars/Teewars.app/Contents/MacOS/teewars sv_map=dm2 sv_name="Berserks server" sv_port=8303


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