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Topic: [MAP] Neverland


Gametype: CTF, TDM, DM.
Size: 125x45.
Link: http://www.speedyshare.com/282242542.html

By PeterPan&CaptainHook


Re: [MAP] Neverland

And here I _could_ make some bad joke about Michael Jackson and some small boys, but...

The map looks nice and well tiled, and that's nice smile
As I haven't tried it out yet I can't say anything about the placement of guns and health, but I'll get back about that late.

Well done, so far smile

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

Fixed version NeverlandCTF1:

- New items positions.
- Faster dungeons.
- Tunel next to laser.
- Add low details version.



NEW LATEST VERSION: fixed some graphic bugs.
PS> Screen is old.


Re: [MAP] Neverland

I think it's a bit to easy to take the upper way...

What about adding some kind of blocker from the ceiling and down to the platform with the katana?

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

I think about that too. Thanks for hint. I will fix that. Upper way will be harder.


Re: [MAP] Neverland

IMHO it is best map just after lost smile


Re: [MAP] Neverland

marines wrote:

IMHO it is best map just after lost smile

You haven't played battle hymn valley so far, do you? *grin* Just kidding! wink

Question? search function
Short movies? Lappi's link loft
Teeworlds info'n'tuts on gfx? Landil's sketchbook

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

NEW LATEST VERSION: Harder upper way.


Map is online on servers: Neverland [Instagib+SpamMod] EVIL Neverland [AllWeapons+SpamMod]


Re: [MAP] Neverland

Could you make a screen of the whole map to give it some context?

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

IMO the top-path there should be closed. More then three paths don't work very well in my experience.

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

Whole map screenshot [CLICK ME]

More then three paths don't work very well in my experience.

So i change it again *_*, but tommorow.


Re: [MAP] Neverland

I like it. One of my favorites, but it could use some bushes to hide behind.

Signatures are for wimps.


Re: [MAP] Neverland

Now I have tried it out. It's a very good map. Good work smile

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

Thanks for positive comments. I am making a next map now.

You tell this about map on the server, whether this posted on the forum?

Map center in server version. Is easier than posted version.

Before this change server was empty. Now is better.


Now is not too hard, and not too easy. ^_^

V. 0.5 (Alpha):     
Link: http://colos.dreamhosters.com/neverlandctf1_v0.5.map
Screen: http://colos.dreamhosters.com/neverlandctf1.jpg

V. 0.7 (Beta):       
Link: http://fiat.dreamhost.com/colos.dreamho … 1_v0.7.map
Screen: http://colos.dreamhosters.com/neverlandctf1b.jpg

V. 1.0 (Final):       
Link: http://fiat.dreamhost.com/colos.dreamho … ndctf1.map
Screen: http://colos.dreamhosters.com/neverlandcomplete.JPG


Re: [MAP] Neverland

Thanks tongue
Reupload: http://www.speedyshare.com/305381414.html


Re: [MAP] Neverland

thanks for re-upping this. just tried it out on my own and i really like this map! smile

there are no dumb questions. excepting yours. wink

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

It's My Pleasure ^^

New Map: Night of desert


LINK: http://colos.teeworldscity.com/maps/ctf … esert1.map

Yarrrr big_smile

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Re: [MAP] Neverland

FireArrow wrote:

And here I _could_ make some bad joke about Michael Jackson and some small boys, but...

I think that is really not appropriate. hmm This man is dead and he did so much for the people all over the world. According to the law applies as long as someone as innocent until the contrary is proved. <--Think about it...
I could even show you because of child abuse, then you are equally guilty?
Nobody knows what really happened, but people who are so far away from this topic shouldn't make public comments to this. But one thing about Michael I can say what is true. He spend all his money from his last tour to vulnerable people, and that was not all he did for charitable purposes. But the list would be to long so i better stop...

When it should be a joke better stop with this, its to sharp.
So first think, then write. So far smile

btw nice map wink