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Topic: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Teequal - Equal quality in the Tee universe.

Okey, well this is mine(chi11y) and Somerunce's latest project: Teequal.
The idea is to create guidelines and rules over how a good teeworlds map or server should be, those who comply to these quite simple rules will get an unique code to prove it and servers who comply will be able to put [TQ] in their servername. This way people who wants to play high quality Teeworlds can always put "[TQ]" in their search boxes and be sure to have fair, fun, lean, mean and competitive gameplay on the best maps.

- - -

....: Map guidelines :.

:: Visibility

- The map must have a background

- All tiles should have a flow and have properly tiled corners

- It should be clear which tiles that is solid, and which is not.

- The collisions should also be consistent, one tile shouldn't be solid on one place, and not on another.

- All images should be external if they exist in the default mapres-folder.

- Custom tilesets may be added if they add to the gameplay, and fit into the game.

- All graphics that isn't solid tiles or really nesecary doodads should be removed with high detail off.

- All solid tiles must be visible.

:: Gameplay

- The map should have a balanced and competitive gameplay.

- Weapons, health and other pickups should be positioned in a balanced manner.

:: Other

- The name shouldn't contain any bad language such as swearing, racism or anything illegal.

- The only supported gametypes currently is: dm, tdm, ctf and instagib.

- The map shouldn't need a specific mod to be playable, but it may be made to make use for mods.

....: Server guidelines :.

:: Connectivity

- The server must be registered on a master server.

- There shouldn't be any global connection problems.

:: Gameplay

- The server must only play TQ-maps.

- The server must have the default tuning, the only exception is the laser_damage if the server run instagib.


Servers and maps that is confirmed as valid are allowed to put [TQ] in their name.

Maps that is corfirmed is ofcourse:


Below is lists of maps confirmed by me (chi11y), Firearrow and Somerunce, a map must only be confirmed by one person to be valid.

..:: Maps confirmed by chi11y ::..


..:: Servers confirmed by chi11y ::..

All LAN-Corps except fc_shortday server. (btw, map creator fix that map wink ):

Teeworlds.net servers:


btw, if an admin/moderator stickies this, I'd be very happy smile

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

..:: Maps confirmed by Somerunce ::..


..:: Servers confirmed by Somerunce::..

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

..:: Maps confirmed by FireArrow ::..


..:: Servers confirmed by FireArrow::..


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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Map creators/server admins can request their maps to be confirmed here and one of us 3 will check it out.

btw, 3 of the 4 LAN-Corps servers are now [TQ] marked, the fc_shortday aint (fix the tunnels and it will).

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

This is a really good idea, what about > farwest < ?


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

caribou: I wanted to add it to the list, but the things on the top have tiles that doesn't look good, there are rests form other tiles on the tilemap. If you fix this, I will definitively add it!


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Hum i don't get it you mean the wire stuff in the middle ?


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

I like your idea but imagine that I also follow your other suggestion which is to put [MOD] when your server is modded and that my clan is [CPC], it finally gives '[TQ][MOD][CPC] Super inst@gib Kill0r servah !' (and i didn't put [INSTAGIB] because it's too much)

It's quite heavy, i'm not blaming anyone or whatever i'm just noticing.


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

i dont like pirates, i dont know why haha

i like lost.... why lost is no in the list=?!?!?!! sad


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

netomx: it isn't all about how fun they are, we look much at the visuals too, a map can be very fun to play, but we want new players to see that this game doesn't look like crap, if you like a map that you see don't fit into the rules, talk to the mapmaker, make him/her fix the problems, this is to give mapmakers some good rules to follow to keep standard high, and if there are maps that do fit into the rules, tell about them here and we will look it up, we are sure we've missed many but we don't have time to look through all of them wink

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

ok that was sarcasm tongue

well, and what about lost?


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Lost is generally a good map in concept and so, but it's really ugly tiled on lots of places and therefore it isn't TQed,


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

ctfjale ~ http://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopi … 958#p11958

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

@lolowizzz: You need to remove the secret tunnels (make them more obvious), remove the non-solid part of the construction-beams in the middle (or on any way make it obvious what is solid and what is not), then your map will be TQ-confirmed.

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

nice idea... perhaps you could link the maps to their threads in the maps forum. i searched for every map :-/.

i setup a server with TQ maps. is it allowed to disable the katana on that server and can you please check it? server: scosu.de:8304


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

@scosu: Your server have been confirmed, you may mark it with [TQ]

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

ctfspoon ~ http://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1481

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Nice idea, but I don't like the "no tuning params" part.
And could you be a bit more specific about lost?

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Nice initiative!

And what a nice opportunity to force you to either promote or constructivly critizise my map smile.

I´d like you to check dreamduel1:


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

QualiTEE would be a better tongue

Good project dudes!

aka oop²


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Aw, I thought it'd be some sort of a civil rights movement for black tees when I first read the thread title. big_smile

Admittedly, this is just as good. In my opinion it's exactly what the community needs to keep people playing the game for longer than just a couple Instagib matches. Hopefully someday it'll all be implemented as a game feature and you guys and others with the same sense of quality will still be around to run things.

Until then, thank you very much for spreading the word.


Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Thanks for sticky btw smile

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

No probs ;>

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

PrimeviL wrote:

QualiTEE would be a better tongue

+1 tongue

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Re: [PROJECT] Teequal [TQ]

Is battlehymn already tested?
http://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1500 (1500!)

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