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Topic: Teerank.io is back!

Teerank polls every Teeworlds servers and try to rank players using ELO or time.  It also keep track of players playtime and clan.  Feel free to check it out at teerank.io!

It's also completely open-source, any feedback is welcome: https://github.com/needs/teerank.



Re: Teerank.io is back!

Amazing! Cool stuff! Is the old teerank.com written in C also open source? I am curious o.O

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Re: Teerank.io is back!

This version is a complete rewrite, it's written in Typescript and leverages Nx, NextJS, Prisma, Postgres and Tailwind.  It is fully hosted on Fly.io.  Every new commit on master is automatically deployed.

Old Teerank was indeed in C and was using SQLite.  You can check the old code on this git branch.

Oh and teerank.com domain was cyber squatted for a few years and it is now available.  Although 8 letters ".com" domains cost more than $1500, which is something I can't afford for a pet project.  That's why it's hosted on teerank.io now!