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Topic: [MOD][0.6<->0.7] Infection Next (Remake Version)

So it's should out now.

Hello everyone. I'm RemakePower.
I played infNext (by pure_luck, and in his server) 3 years ago.
InfNext(old version)'s features are different than infClass.
(e.g Medic can heal humans' health.)

However, it did disappear for a long time.

Although this remake version is not the same as the previous version of infNext,
but it still has the meaning of "Next".

For players:
1. SUPPORT 0.7 (sixup)
2. localization system.
3. All broadcasts at the same time will be displayed together

For developers:
1. A class system that is easier to develop.
2. A weapon system that is easier to develop
3. A effect system that is easier to develop

1. The translation method can be similar to infclass
2. Auto include maps to vote
3. Map configs file.

=========KNOWN BUGS========
none now

Github project: https://github.com/RemakePower/teeworlds-InfNext
You also can support bugs in github issues.

=========Official servers==========
In China:
(Sorry we don't have other server)

DDNet Team

Remake infNext!
infNext can be better!
That's a good idea!