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I am pleased to announce that I am looking for an experienced developer for Teeworlds with coding experience in frontend and backend

https://t.me/Erikvanvelzen I am hiring Teeworlds Developers!
Job poster

I am a business entrepreneur I have played Teeworlds in the past 10 years,s on and off as username: Bitcoin
I am excited to announce that I am ready to make Teeworlds interact with the blockchain/
I have an exciting Idia, a game billed.
A game that players,s can wage money against each other.
where users can own their skins and sell them on the open marketplace
and make a profit.
and the best Teeworlds professionals make their income throw batteling echather for money
and the spectators can rain money (tips) to the wage pot, which will increase the game excitement by 10X
and the noobs can invite their friends to play with money against each other 1 on 1
I have a simple SDK to make most of it possible.

please contact me on telegram https://t.me/Erikvanvelzen


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ok, I have seen people still wondering if this post is legit or not.
well I will pay 33 euros to the fust person that replies to this message  and is willing to have a call with me
and after the call post,s a message clearing me and giving your free opinion


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Goal: Integrate

1. Must be playable for Linux, Windows, and mac
2. Create live server (Node.js) with APIs where the game will connect and perform auth & transactions
        1. Live version - must match with the game otherwise prevent access
        2. Connect and add a player to live player count
        3. Disconnect and remove from live player count
        4. Perform transaction with amount and other props
        5. Create bet maximum 111.111$ and Minumum 0.222$ add to live list [active for 5mins 5sec]
        6. Get a live bet list
        7. Accept bet
        8. ...
3. Create a 'Live betting' view from the live list in teeworlds game.
   split skreen with the left skreen open game to all player,s with open bet,s and the rhite skreen ..... contakts (that are online) with open bets
                         left skreen must have a worning sine that ses
                         Warning open world Players can be well-trained, skilled, and professional

4. Create 'Create bet' view in teeworlds game
5. Create 'Accept' view in teeworlds game (both players must have 11sec acceptance time) with a timer
6. in-game DM,  1 vs 1
   score 11. end game {if a game ends Before the game end. winning player takes all bet
7. Map: DM1   in-game items: harts, armor has a cost of 0.01$ cent that pays out to teeworlds........
8. deactivate. go to settings {tee} deactivate all skins and custom have default skin [{phase 2} This will be the NFT marketplace]
  deactivate, all other things that are not relevant, and keep in mind of security of the player,s money (hackers) and Cheaters
9. Other miscellaneous stuff


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Re: Paid Job, Teeworlds Developer - Freelance

I am looking for an experienced developer...


I am looking for an experienced developer for Teeworlds


with coding experience in ... backend


with coding experience in frontend           and backend


I am hiring

well what does that mean

First I need the TODO list.
Then the FIXME list.
Then we can walk..I mean..talk.