Topic: Current state of TeeWorlds

Hello everyone, I'm in the process of launching a new blog about FOSS games, and I'm trying to get some idea of the status and future plans of some of the most mature FOSS game projects (starting with side-scrolling games as a pilot), so I was hoping I could get some information about the status of TeeWorlds, the people working on it, and especially your future plans. TeeWorlds looks really good, I didn't know this game until starting to do research for the blog and was very impressed. But I'm curious about the future, it does raise some eyebrows to have a 15+ year old game still not at version 1 (not saying that as criticism, I think you guys did and are doing an amazing job, just trying to understand the situation). So I'd really like whoever is involved (or wants to be involved, or is just interested) in this project to help me understand these things:

1. Is there any definition of what would count as a version 1.0 of TeeWorlds, and if so, is there any roadmap for how to get there?

2. What do you think are the main blockers right now, if any, stopping the project from reaching version 1.0?

3. Generally speaking, what are your main priorities for this game project?


Re: Current state of TeeWorlds

You are probably asking at the wrong communication channel. The forum has been dying for years now.

Take a look at Teeworlds' Github page, there used to be some milesones and discussions about new things.

Otherwise join the Discord server and ask there.