Topic: Teeworlds 0.7 is unplayably laggy, spawns several windows

First off, a video example of the problem: https://youtu.be/JWHBQp-fSlI

When I open the game 1 time, the game often spawns several windows from the single console window that is launched, and closing one of them closes all of them. Secondly, the game is lagging horrendously badly (I think this is the cause of the many windows appearing, as it is not consistent and sometimes only one window appears as it should - and disabling cpu throttle causes single keyboard inputs to send several characters in f1 console). I cannot play 0.7 due to this issue.

0.6 based versions such as DDNet still work fine (even DDNet versions with the 0.7-like menu interface). I have tried to 0.7.5 and all of them have this problem for me. I have not tried earlier versions because they have security issues.

I am playing on my old 2014 laptop which has an Intel Core i3-3217U and is running Windows 10. No additional graphics card, and 6GB ram.

I've got two FNG maps which are close to ready for public release, hopefully they'll be on the forums soon! Aforementioned maps are on the back burner. Still doing mapping, but have higher priority map projects.
It should never take 45 seconds to download a map for anyone with a decent connection.


Re: Teeworlds 0.7 is unplayably laggy, spawns several windows


Do you perhaps play with Anti-aliasing x16? When I change that option to x16? When I launch the game with that configuration, I also get 9 windows and (quite laggy) mainscreen.

I wouldn't call it as laggy as yours on the video, though, but that could be dependant on the PC specifications. smile