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Topic: [MOD][0.6] Hit & Run (aka TDTW Catch)

Here I present new old server mod
Hit & Run (aka TDTW Catch)

Not sure how to name it in English, but in Russian, this type of game could be called - Догонялки/Лова. (Cather? Hit and run? whatever big_smile)
We all played that game as kids and at school, so it was fun to play that mod sometimes with my friends in Teeworlds.

It was originally made in 2014 and updated to the 6.5.0 version.
Sometimes I was running the server to play with friends, but it was 1 time in 2 years big_smile that's my activity in teeworlds...

The game mode logic:
- there is one catcher and other runners
-- catcher should take the flag then
-- catcher should catch someone and flag drops

- catcher's score doesn't count every second
- runner's score counts every second
- wins one with bigger scores

Gameplay video: https://youtu.be/nKvdjhi0W1I
It could be really fun!
Plays best with 2-3+ other friends and voice chat.

Link for server package: https://github.com/TDTW/teeworlds/relea … .Catch.zip
Server configs example: https://github.com/TDTW/teeworlds/relea … andrun.cfg
Source code: https://github.com/TDTW/teeworlds/tree/0.6-hit%26run

P.S.: Hello guys!
Made with love from Psycho.God <3.


Re: [MOD][0.6] Hit & Run (aka TDTW Catch)

it should be called freeze tag on ennglish.btw i thoat you are dead, remember we played together back then
wannna come back to tw?ddrace mode is still active and there are much new maps


Re: [MOD][0.6] Hit & Run (aka TDTW Catch)

added gameplay video