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Topic: First ban for so many years of playing


First of all sorry for my english, i'm russian and so have no time to learn it well because of battling with bears and drinking vodka smile

I play teeworlds from time to time since the very first version. Have never been able to play good like some people. But i like it. Used several different nicks, for the last years my nick is like one on this forum. This game for me is just fun to make my brain relax from work.

Several days ago i tried to play ddRace for the first time. My movement and hook skills has noticeably grown. Also met some pro there. One of them told me about his sens and cl_mouse_max_distance settings (both params was much less then i use) . I tried it for some time and it really works - moving, aiming and hooking became much better.

Then i connected to CTF Vanilla Server ( and played one round. During game i several times used funny bind which saying "CTRL + SHIFT +Q = AUTO HOOK + AUTO AIM" - this makes some newbies potencial cheaters gone from server lol smile

And after round i was banned with message "you have been banned for 44639 minutes (hookbot)". My ip in that session was (and probably it's dynamic, lol). After refreshing server list i even don't see that server.

Wtf, guyz, it's mistake - i played really ton of years, and have never use any hacks. Also, i play under linux, but afaik all existing hacks are for windows only.

If server admins are here, can u please unban me? Really, i'm the clearest player ever.

Thanx in advance smile


Re: First ban for so many years of playing

That happens. I see a lot of newbies votekicking good players on bot allegations.
Only the respective server admins have control over individual servers. It's unlikely they'll see your message here, and there is nothing we can do.

The active CTF servers are rarely the same, so it should be no big deal to you. Don't sweat it!

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Re: First ban for so many years of playing

I've had someone try to votekick a good player yesterday on my server, and kicked them in response.
Unfortunately, the easier something is to use, like the vote function, the easier it also is to abuse.


Re: First ban for so many years of playing

Nothing you can do with funkick and funban culture in teeworlds. Just choose the server which doesn't have kickvotes at all.

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