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Topic: [MOD] infNext

Rejoice infClass or teeworlds mods fans! Classic mod with craziest mechanics and classes is alive again!

After ~4 months of hard work, testing and development a successor of infClass, infCroya and infClassR is finally ready for playing!

Use any client to connect to it (teeworlds 0.6/0.7 or DDNet):


Discord group: https://discord.gg/CsdHu57

Wiki: https://www.notion.so/influck/Pure-luck … d1818e7387

Current players stats: https://infnext.herokuapp.com/

Playtime stats: https://status.tw/server/details/

Known bugs list (backlog): https://www.notion.so/influck/known-bug … fd214b83e3

Gameplay video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL2_wEe … e=youtu.be

What is infNext?

Mostly it's infClass but some classes and mechanics are different. Most notable features:

  • dual protocol, so it's the most populated infection mod server though it's not yet 24/7 but that's a goal

  • water physics, doors and switches (waterpirates and nightwater maps)

  • safezones (battle royale circles) on most of maps like in infCroya

  • zombies can choose their class any time (and the game is balanced to that!)

  • zombies can save their positions before being killed once (~like VooDoo but better and this doesn't break the balance either)

  • some new zombie classes and mechanics (Freezer, Poisoner, Queen, Worker)

  • some old classes are to be added later

  • new maps

  • reworked Taxi system

  • reworked Hero mechanics

  • many documented and hidden features which makes the game even more interesting than before

  • still in active development, so use discord channels to report #bugs and add your #suggestions

Thanks to: yavl (for infCroya), all infClass contributors, Teeworlds and DDNet devs for their friendly help, ipoopi for testing, Serena, noby, Kaorn, mrvoid, Bj37, Cellegen, VekiPro, mrvoid, gnn, Hansui, gerdoe, Russian infCroya community for early adopting it, and many more for your support and contribution.

https://infnext.tw/ a classic infection mod experience evolved