Topic: Reduce Grenade launcher damage to 5 instead of 6

This weapon is just broken on CTF. Please nerf it.
Why 5 damage? Its easy, because all other weapons also do 5 damage. Why not the grenade launcher? You have mobility, area damage and less accuracy is required? Why should it do more damage than other weapons?
Less ammo (like 8) or slower attack time would propably break run maps, so i suggest damage reduction



Re: Reduce Grenade launcher damage to 5 instead of 6

At my level, I have to agree that it feels too strong, and makes chasing flaggers really boring and unenjoyable. Unfortunately, it seems like it is well balanced at a higher level, so I doubt it will be changed.

Maybe weapon damage (like laser bounce cost) could be part of the available tune parameters that could be changed on more casual servers running sv_gametype MOD.

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Re: Reduce Grenade launcher damage to 5 instead of 6

You are simply new to the game. It is balanced to the point it seems like perfect.

In pro game, laser is THE weapon for pinning down the one escaping. Shotgun is THE weapon at close range. Grenade launcher is THE weapon for maneuvering. It is best to have all options, they are all good.


Re: Reduce Grenade launcher damage to 5 instead of 6

wargreymon wrote:

Shotgun is THE weapon at close range

I disagree. The shotgun is a super noob range weapon, just spam it.
No serious, the shotgun is broken AF. It has a way too far range and too big area. I would rather suggest to bring back the old 0.3.x balistics.

I would also agree on nerfing the granade lanucher, by reducing the bullets speed. I cant tell the exact values, but if you run a 0.3.x server the speed feels quite slower. Movement abilities, apart from instagib/granade mods with unlimted HP, are less valued these days.

But all this talking wont help anyway. People scream for a pistol shooting delay for years, tho nothing ever changed.
Many gameplay requests have never been established.

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