Topic: .7 custom skins

is it me or am i the only person whos made custom assets for there tee
for example heres mine

https://media.discordapp.net/attachment … /MeTee.PNG

but it seems with other people that arent in .7 they just cant find out how to make a skin with custom textures and they can only use the custom skin tab

if u guys have a skin with custom textures or a custom body/mark/ect please put it in this post because i just wanna see who else is not using the custom skin creator in game


Re: .7 custom skins

Please share it at https://teeskins.de/!

Though you are right, there is a huge lack of custom skins in 0.7. I think that's due to the new format which is less newcomer friendly.

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Re: .7 custom skins

This is because 0.7 has a huge amount of custom skin settings, like billions or something. And so now for people no need to create new ones because of existing variations in the game.