Topic: Changelog 0.7.4

Changes that might be more interesting than others are in bold. They are redundant with the release announcement.

+ Race mode integration
  - finish messages
  - times ingame and in the server browser
  - map record displayed in the scoreboard
  - localized chat messages
  - race gametype icon
+ In-game server browser
+ Chat pages & upgrades
  - Up to 10 pages of chat history (page up/page down)
  - Persistent chat: does not clear when changing map
  - Map changes are marked by a chat info message
  - Chat buffer: clicking with the mouse while chatting puts the chat in pause
  - Ignoring a player clears past chat
  - Add helper annotation when whispering
+ Statboard upgrade
  - Auto statboard screenshots
  - Merge K/D and Spree/Best spree columns
  - Visual indicators for flag captures
  - Visual indicators for weapon stats
  - Fix statboard not closing
+ Wide menus mode
+ Add version info to settings file, change naming scheme to "settings07.cfg"
  - You can now switch between 0.6 and 0.7 Teeworlds smoothly
+ HighDPI support
+ Audio toggling with visual effects (Ctrl+S by default)
+ Update scroll regions throughout the UI with smooth, adaptive scrollbars
+ Add a GUI for the experimental joystick support, disable joystick by default
+ Menu hotkeys (press the first letter)
+ Some more search bars
+ Add color palettes to copy skin parts colors
+ Add "toggle dynamic camera" to controls
+ Don't show loading progression in LAN tab
+ Fix chat rendering when scoreboard is open
+ Fix MOTD consistency, allow slightly more text to be displayed
+ Fix flag colors for non-team gamemodes
+ Hide scoreboard if statboard is active
+ Lower min. mousesens
+ Change some server browser defaults (all filter, players sort)
+ Optimise SnapFindItem, a bottleneck

+ Chat commands integration
  - Display chat commands list, with description and parameter list, to the players
  - Delete and add commands on-the-go to create a context-aware UI
  - Ability to disable or replace client-side commands
+ Race mode integration: customisable display (timer accuracy...)
+ Randomize survival-mode spawns
+ Prevent skipping deathtiles with enough speed
+ No more empty nicknames
+ Some log format changes (timestamps, flag capture time...)
+ Fix projectiles from disconnected players dealing no damage
+ Remove dummy when player joins a full server

+ 24 new skins, colorable eyes, and many more body parts to use
  - Auto-adjust eye color when it is too close to that of the body
+ Winter background theme (day and night, new default)

+ Layer size now defaults to the size of the game layer

+ Fix integer overflow when computing tilemap size

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Re: Changelog 0.7.4

am i that stupid or is there no iddrace/dummyrace annymore?

played that game back then and now i see just ddrace with no dummy commands, thats just sad and stupid.

if it is so, just bye.

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Re: Changelog 0.7.4

ddrace servers are the classical dummy drag race, where you need two or more players to win the race.
the vanilla client NEVER supported such features and will never support stuff like dummies, as that has nothing to do with the basic gameplay in CTF, DM, LMS, etc.
You seem to have misunderstood, how this works.
Dummies are usually supported by custom clients, in case of 0.7.x that is currently the case with Zillywoods and F-Client (I use neither, thus cannot help you any further)

Dune also has a custom client, that does not target DDRace, the Gamer Client.

well, if there is no "iddrace" such thing in the server list, those mods were not ported to 0.7 and thus are dead.

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