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Topic: [MAPS] zfng standard maps

zfng standard maps

I decided to showcase some of the standard maps from my new zfng mod. Many of these maps are adapted from existing CTF and FNG maps, so I wanna give a big thanks to their original creators.

Downloads: GitHub

These maps are currently hosted on my server at


This is an original map I made specifically for zfng. The human base is the bottom left and the zombie base is the top right. Since humans win by raiding the zombie base, they have a slow uphill path to reach it. On the other hand, zombies can quickly travel downhill to the human base. My personal best traveling from zombie spawn to human spawn is around 12 seconds.



This map is based on ctf4_old and features a new winter design that I made. The layout is mostly unchanged since I tried to place shrines in unobtrusive places.



Based on EOTP_fng by Bucket. I did a fairly heavy rework of the design and adjusted the gameplay to improve movement. I also added a some shrines and made the bases slightly more complex. Big thanks to louis for helping me find bugs.



Based on ctf8 by Sonix. I didn't change anything except add shrines.



Based on ctf_choco by Slinack and me. The map is unchanged besides the removal of pickups.



This is based on AliveFNG, which in turn is based on openfng5Beat. This version features a full design rework which drew inspiration from the 0.7 version of ctf5. The gameplay is nearly identical, though I did remove two remove team shrines.


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Re: [MAPS] zfng standard maps

I especially like the looks of zfng_bedrock. smile