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Topic: Gift Codes + Tutorial for free hosted Teeworlds Servers

Hello Guys,

I have five gift codes for teeworlds servers to give away. The codes give you a free teeworlds server for 3 days.
Unfortunately the whole hosting provider website is in german, but it is pretty self explanatory.

Gift Codes for 72h teeworlds servers:





  • 0HNF3IS4VM

I will give you a short description and some screenshots with the basic steps to redeem the codes.

1. Go to the hosting provider https://www.quickserve.cloud/

2. Click on the register button in the site header
Register Button

3. Fill in the form with your name, mail and password. Use your real mail address, because you will have to activate your account.
Register Form

4. Check your mail account and click the activate button

5. Click on the "Anmelden" button next to the "Registrieren" button in the header

6. Login with your e-mail and password

7. Click on "Profil" in the navigation and then select "Gutscheincode einlösen"
Redeem Gift Code

8. Enter your gift code and then use one of the buttons like shown in the screenshot
Redeem Gift Code

9. Go to your server overview in click on the new server
Server Page

10. Done! You will get all important server information on this page
Server Page

You can use a ftp client and the provided credentials to connect to your server files and edit the config and wo whatever you want.

Please be fair and only use one gift code. More than one gift code per ip and 24h will get a ban on the page anyway and the servers will get deleted.
I still have some gift codes left. If the five codes are used quickly i will post a few more or you can write me a private message smile

Have fun and stay healthy smile