Topic: Security update - 0.7.5 released

An exploit was discovered, that allows to crash any 0.7 Teeworlds server. Though it does not compromise the security of the host (e.g. no arbitrary accesses in memory) it lets an attacker force a server to repetitively shut down (CVE-2020-12066).

The 0.7.5 release is a security update that aims to patch this server exploit. As such, it is very light in features, and is mostly made of fixes. You can find the full changelog here. If you are not a server host, it is not necessary to update. If you are hosting a server modification, you should at least consider to apply c68402fa7e2.

We are still working towards the next release, which will be 0.7.6.

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Re: Security update - 0.7.5 released

Where i can find spoilers 0.7.6 XD