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Topic: Changelog 0.7.5

+ Fix laser bounce delay when server runs for a very long time
+ Rename tune_dump to tunes

+ Improve client loading
+ Add an option to turn off whispers
+ Server browser
  - store password of favorites
  - improve looks of the friends tab
  - quick search now also matches gametypes
  - some fixes
+ Chat commands
  - add autocompletion hint
  - add descriptions to server-side commands
  - remove the chat command limit
  - some fixes
+ Sliders
  - logarithmic scales
  - move to mouse position on click
  - some fixes
+ Fix statboard not closing with Escape
+ Fix double binds
+ Fix the warmup overlapping with MOTD/scoreboards
+ Fix spectator HUD not rendering in some cases
+ A fix to the menus music
+ A fix to double binds
+ Some fixes to the demo player
+ Rename dump_binds to binds

+ Fix accent menu showing up ingame

+ A fix to jungle_background
+ A fix to jungle_midground

+ Add automapper for jungle_deathtiles
+ Add mapres preview
+ Show current quad when pressing space in editor
+ Fix a crash

+ Patch a server vulnerability that exposed all 0.7 servers to crashes

+ Some minor bugfixes to ctf5 and dm7

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