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Topic: [MAP] p2pMedium (DDRace, 2 player, Medium)

I'm back! This time for longer tongue
I saw my maps on TW servers and i'm glad that people plays it big_smile but what a shame that most of them have removed my name and cool stuff like decorations (on p2pEasy is nice tree branch on spwan ) hmm But i said everyone can edit my maps so i cant be angry tongue

And this is it, p2pMedium

Stages: ~20~30 (its one long map without teleport and borders between stages)
Avg time: 30-40min
Name: p2pMedium
Difficulty: Medium
Author: Me big_smile  (PatrykP /in game: Landia356/)
Mappers: DDNet-walls, _letters (from simpleDDRace), my own sprites
Version: Teeworlds 0.7 (server: simpleDDRace)
Map size: 300x100
File size: 83KB

Click me to download wink

You can host and modify this map. Please keep information about me on map smile

Screen shoots




My sprites:
its simple, but i include it for everyone who wanna create sth with this wink
Yes, its 16x16px tongue only simple colors

Special thanks to
All players who wrote opinion about map when i was creating it wink


Re: [MAP] p2pMedium (DDRace, 2 player, Medium)

I like the tileset cool 8-bit style kind of

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