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Topic: [GUIDE] Lan gctf Server for mapping

Hello community!

In the current mapping tournament you are asked to map a gctf map. Since the current gCTF+ implementation is maintained by me I thought I will make a Quick-Guide to host your own local gCTF-Server, so you are able to test your own creations. This guide is mainly written for windows users.

Step 1:
Download gCTF:

You can't host gctf on a normal teeworlds server, because it's not a standard gametype. So you have to download the latest version:

Go to https://github.com/AssassinTee/teeworld … r/releases and download the latest version of this mod.
If you use windows you only need teeworlds-windows-latest.zip .

Step 2:
Unzip ALL:

Extract all files from the downloaded zip-archive.
(If you find another zip-archive just unzip it again)

Your directory should look like this:


Step 3:
Add autoexec:

You should add an autoexec.cfg file into the new directory. This file is read by the server and sets a few settings for you:

sv_name "gCTF Test Server" # Sets the server name
sv_gametype "gctf" # Sets the gametype to gctf
sv_map "ctf5" # Sets the map to ctf5
sv_register 0 # Deactivates that the server goes online
sv_rcon_password "test" # Sets the admin password to login

I uploaded an autoexec.cfg here:  https://github.com/AssassinTee/teeworld … toexec.cfg

Your directory should look like this now:


Step 4:
Start Server:

Start the server by doubleklicking teeworlds_srv.exe. Windows will now tell you that the Software may be insecure. I can't do more then give you my word, that it's a clean virus-free software.

Press on More information and run anyway to start the server. Windows may asks you to change same firewall settings and just klick "allow", so you are able to join your own server.




Join Server:

If you start your teeworlds client now navigate in the server-browser to Local or LAN. Now you should find your own server there:

Join it!


Step 6:
Login as Admin:

After joining the server you are able to login as admin! Press F2 and type the password test in. The password is set by the autoexec.cfg

You'll see when the login is successfull!

Now you are able to change the map to your new edited map with the name gctf_promap with the command

sv_map gctf_promap

Every time you save the map in the editor you'll see that the map is reloading in the server. This works as long as you are logged in as admin.

Don't forget to set the spawn points!

I hope this guide helps and good luck with mapping.
Maybe other people will link other guides like mapping guides, or how to make an online-server!

Sorry for the red boxes, this stuff has to be idiot-proof.

Have a great day!


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Nice, Assa! And what about linux?

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Linux is similar, you shouldn't use windows-latest tho.