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Topic: [CLIENT][0.7] ZillyWoods (ddrace)

ZillyWoods client

The ZillyWoods client is a 0.7 client with a few features from the 0.6 client ddnet.
Updated feature list and downloads can be found on the ZillyWoods website.

- show game tiles cl_show_entities
- EXPERIMENTAL ddrace editor support (switch,front,tele & speedup layers)
- hook collision +showhookcoll
- zoom zoom+;zoom-;zoom
- 64 player scoreboard
- A client dummy
- Highlight admins red in scoreboard cl_show_admins
- Show when spectators leave the server cl_show_silent_messages
- Show prediction to server cl_showpred

Downloads for macOS, linux and windows can be found at the ZillyWoods website.
Get the src code on github.

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Re: [CLIENT][0.7] ZillyWoods (ddrace)

Nice work! Hopefully this is the first step into merging the majority of the community to 0.7. Will test this out tomorrow smile


Re: [CLIENT][0.7] ZillyWoods (ddrace)

Dummies :D



Re: [CLIENT][0.7] ZillyWoods (ddrace)

Great to see some more custom clients. Especially since I'm not familiar with DDRacers' needs smile

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