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Topic: Free Teeworlds Server hosting.

Hi there!
However, there are two communities that I've ben part of my entire life, two communities that sparked my interest in game programming. These two communities are Endless Online, which I already have set up free hosting services for. The other community is Teeworlds; which I will probably also be offering free hosting services for. However, it depends on the resources a server takes up. If I see it that it's not possible for me to offer free hosting services, I'll probably be offering EXTREMELY cheap hosting, though free hosting is my priority.

I've spent the last couple of days creating a custom Docker image and custom egg for the open-source gameserver hosting control panel 'Pterodactyl', that I use for my hosting services website.

I did this because of this community has been a part of my childhood and sparked my interest in game programming, but also because:
I wanted to create a painless way (for people who are having issues with compilation of a Teeworlds server) to set up a server that not is a binary release, but a source release with the ability to just START the server and have it compile before server startup, each time.
I wanted to provide people, who can't host their own server due to problems with port fowarding or not being able to pay for the upkeep of one, with the opportunity to even host their own server

If you are, or have always been interested in setting up a server but do not have the know-how, you may visit:
https://primhosting.com/cart.php?gid=9 to claim your free server.

Everything is automated, from checking out server files, to compilation, to starting the server, all you need to do is create an account on the website and order the $0.00 Teeworlds Server product. You will receive an email with a button to 'setup your account' for the gameserver hosting controlpanel shortly after your product has been activated.

Furthermore (already mentioned, but still), on each startup of your Teeworlds gameserver, I've configured the gameserver controlpanel to compile the codebase. Yes, you can make your own changes to the server and compile it to make a custom Teeworlds Server, according to your needs.

After you've ordered the gameserver, Teeworlds will compile itself the first time, then your server will launch!

IP and Port for your Teeworlds Gameserver can be found under `My Servers` in the side menu, then under the `Connection` row in your server list.

A working example of the gameserver hosting controlpanel below.

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Re: Free Teeworlds Server hosting.

Hi matias!
Thanks for your generous offer. If I recall correctly, the biggest load of teeworlds servers is in connections count and net stability.
Self building servers are interesting and you will find a guide in the docs. Compiling mods can be a bit more tricky since they are less  documented and well maintained. You will find several modifications in the appropriate subforum (not all).
You can find us on IRC or Discord (see the "Contact" page).
Please come back to us if you have any issues.

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Re: Free Teeworlds Server hosting.

Net stability, won't be a problem. So if Teeworlds server is not intensive on RAM or CPU, then I'll surely be able to offer free hosting.
Regarding compilation, this will only be offered for Vanilla server, exactly due to what you said about mods not being official and as well maintained.
Will join Discord, if I can find it, we can probably discuss this more smile

Trust dies but mistrust blossoms. Sophocles
Landil was here, and wrote the above ^^
HOLY FUCK! Can't believe I met Landil tongue


Re: Free Teeworlds Server hosting.

Updated thread, since service is now up and running with at least a few server modifications for both 0.6 and 0.7.
More to come.

Trust dies but mistrust blossoms. Sophocles
Landil was here, and wrote the above ^^
HOLY FUCK! Can't believe I met Landil tongue


Re: Free Teeworlds Server hosting.

So I tested your generous offer, and it's okay. I guess you shouldn't host the next RPG-Endless bot mod there, but it works. The only problem I see are with the ping. A server hosted in germany shouldn't have a ping of ~40, it should be lower. At least I have close to no jitter, so the net isn't too bad.

I wonder, what the presets are. I think there need to be a link to each mod in the preset.

But still good work ^^