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Topic: [MOD][0.7] gCTF+, iCTF+, CTF+, Clanwar-Mod

Hello Community,

I just made a Clanwar-Mod for Teeworlds.
It supports CTF, iCTF and gCTF (and some more nobody uses).

It features chat options like

  • /restart - Call vote to restart game

  • /pause or /stop - Pause game

  • /go or /start - Start vote to continue paused game

  • /1on1 to /8on8 - Start vote to set maximum player numbers

The Mod provides some rcon-commands for training:

  • sv_hook_kill: You can only kill people when they are hooked (only Instagib)

  • sv_def_training: You can only defend your flag and die if you go to far

There is a lot of stuff in my TODO-List yet, like

  • disable spawn points (with server command)

  • some iCTF stuff

If you are missing a feature, write it here or make an issue on Github.
I will add more commands and features for training, too.

You can find the code here:


Feel free to give me a star :3