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Topic: Teeskins.de - Teeworlds Skins Database


Hello big_smile ,

I would like to show you a project of mine called Teeskins.
Teeskins is a web-based teeworlds database where you can upload and share assets.
My goal is to have one place where you can find and share any teeworlds graphics with the community, instead of searching multiple websites for it.

Some Features:

  • Full Assets-Support: Skins, Body, Decorations, Eyes, Feets, Hands, Markings, Cursors, Emoticons, Gameskins, Grids, Mapres, Particles

  • Real-Time Skin Renderer for 0.6 Skins and 0.7 Bodys

  • Like System

  • Download Count System

  • Sorting Assets by Newest, Downloads, Likes

  • Lightbox for Graphics to display them Fullscreen with zoom functions

  • Upload-System to share assets

  • User-Dashboard: Have an overview about your recieved likes, downloads and uploads

  • API: An easy access for each asset type. Good for developers, return in JSON-Format.

Updates will come frequently.
If you have any ideas on what to implement or have feedback for me, do not hesitate to write in in the comments!

I appreciate it if you could help me grow this database.

Have fun exploring!

P.S: Teeskins is open source: GitHub Repository



Re: Teeskins.de - Teeworlds Skins Database

Hello NeXus_, this looks great! Even better is the fact that you're embracing open source for teeworlds-related projects.
I got excited for a minute to find new 0.7 skins, but got this new split parts system is not practical at all to share skins unfortunately.

lordskelethom - want to reach me quickly? https://discord.gg/teeworlds

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Re: Teeskins.de - Teeworlds Skins Database

Thank your for your feedback!
I agree. 0.7 Skins are a bit tricky to share since they are split in multiple files.

But soon I will work on a Skin Generator where you can put together an asset for each 0.7 skin part and download a complete skin folder including the json file.
So you basicly have a live-view of what the tee will look like.


Re: Teeskins.de - Teeworlds Skins Database

@NeXus_ This is fantastic!
Q: any security checks to deter spammers or upload duplicate skin?