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Topic: [CLIENT][0.7] TeeComp

TeeComp was a popular 0.5 client-side modification. It was originally written by spl0k, and included in most client modifications at the time and later (Sushi Tee's Pack, Gamer, TDTW, DDNet...):  https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3913

I have ported this client modification to 0.7.3.
Part of these features were directly included in past (or future) Teeworlds versions, they are colored in blue:

  • Custom Tees' colors in team games

  • HUD colors matching Tees' ones

  • Flags colors matching Tees' ones

  • Force opponents' skin

  • Use DM colors in team games

  • Custom name plates colors by team

  • Shadow under the name plates for an improved readability

  • Score displayed in name plates

  • Custom laser color

  • Stat board with

    • Frags, deaths, and suicides count

    • Ratio or net score

    • Frags per minute

    • Frags and deaths for each weapon

    • Captured flags count

  • Displaying of Tee's speed

  • Player following while spectating

  • Automatic demo recording

  • Automatic screenshot at the end of the match

Here are some screenshots:

I limited myself to the classic 0.5 Teecomp features, for those who enjoy lite, clean clients.
All TeeComp features can also be found in the Gamer, under the new tab "TeeComp".

Downloads (v1.0)


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Updated with OS X binaries, thanks to jxsl13.

Not Luck, Just Magic.


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Nice work Dune. I will try it out tomorrow. I think i remember using the old TeeComp client back in the days when I used to play TEEmo and the CTF Build servers. Glad to see people porting old mods and clients to 0.7 smile


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I just love this little Community! smile