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Hello, Teeworld's community,

my previous ideas have been around for some time but are usually difficult to implement if not backed by a complete team.

It is a very simple form of the Match-Making System. Some of my attempts failed after the time because the motivation of the developers was lost.

Teeworlds offers a lot of great modifications, but these are mostly not designed for direct skill/team gameplay where you would really get into it. There are tournaments from time to time from the community but unfortunately nothing long.

Now i have sat down with some community developers and presented my idea, this has aroused interest and is feasible from the implementation. There was only one objection of the respondents, is it worth it at all with the current number of players?

A Match-Making system puts out many players so that you don't have longer waiting times, with currently an average of 300 players +/- where most of them come from the DDraceNetwork (DDNet).

Now we come to the implementation, there is a single server, if you are connected to this 2 options to choose from, the login and the registration.

As soon as you are logged in or registered you come to the lobby map, where all players who are currently in no match collect. They can then use the Vote menu to find information, statistics and find a game.

Let's take CTF as an example, the player first chooses in which league he wants to play (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6, 7 vs 7, 8 vs 8). Once you have selected a league, opponents in the same rank class or a team with an average rank class are thrown together.

If all players are ready, a team leader or captain will be determined, always the one with the highest rank in the team. We assume that there are currently only 5 Maps this can be the two respective Team Leader or Captain voting this looks like then:

Team A Map Ban > / Team B Map Ban > / Team A Map Ban > / Team B Map Ban > / = Map Pick

When the Map Pick is complete, a countdown will appear and all players will be drawn to the Matched Map.

This is part of my idea, the implementation is not the problem now i'm curious about your opinion and criticisms.

I would now like to know if you would play such a game mode and recommend it to others.

best regards MuLTIII



Re: Teeworlds Match-Making

This kind of stuff would be great imo, the lacking resource for all these projects is always skilled developers.

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I see two big problems here besides the amount of work and lack of devs Dune already mentioned.

problemo 1

Problem one is that these matches are way too specific. There is mostly only one server with random ctf5 players. Which is 8x8 and ctf5. And for pro games have even less activity and they only work with external communication like forums or messangers. And the result is also only one game at a time. So we hardly have two games running at the same time. So I don't know how many skill groups you want. But lets say this server is optional and we have only two skill groups (nobos and pros) and every player can choose a map and a team size. There will NEVER be a single game. Because players maybe wait a few minutes and then they switch to the public servers.

No way a person can choose a map a team size and a gametype and have a waiting time shorter than the estimated existance of the universe.

problemo 2

And the second problem is accounts. This has been a hot discussion for ever and even big mods like ddnet do never plan to implement such thing. Masters are struggeling already. But you can still play without maserts. But if the account system is down or the official matchmaking servers are down you can't play anymore. Will the account name be the login name? How will we insure that long time players get their names? Who will maintain the database and ensure uptime of the system that is way more complex than the master servers.

More realistic approach

But it would be a fun thing for sure. But a implementation would be more realistic as a community mod with at max 2 servers. One more skilled one less skilled. And you can mix skill groups but higher ranked players get more skill point punishments if they get killed by noobs and the other way around. Maps and team sizes are choosen by votes and not by a single player that then waits in a queue.

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Re: Teeworlds Match-Making

This is a chicken and egg problem as I see it. And I think that to cut that knot we need to work on attraction of new players to the game.

But we have a very low newcomers retention ratio currently, that's true. And that's happening because newcomers get frustrated and overwhelmed by an average skill level currently required to play the game on par with old players. We don't have non-PvP content.

We cannot implement matchmaking to separate players as we don't have enough newcomers to match between them. Currently those who are most active are long-time players. Old players will not even notice any impact of match-making as they will still play with other 95% players. And that are noobs who will never have any single match. They come to the game first to see what is it about and if the server will be empty they will never stay there to wait for hours. When they quit it they will not have a single reason to come back as they haven't experienced anything.

This skill gap is a systematic problem of this game. And as much as I like the idea of matchmaking I don't see how to implement the transition from current state.

Also we could think what to do to prevent skilful players to predate ~2-4 newcomers matches when they are started by a luck without any pro. When pros join, newcomers mostly quit as they see skilful ones as botters. And that's understandable, 10 years skill is truly godlike for a newcomer.

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Re: Teeworlds Match-Making

in many discussions authors of Teeworlds said that the pourpose of this game is not to have a big player base or to monetize the game itself in any way, so is pointless to hope to improve anything nobody of old passionate player care.
Many time they suggest to make your own mod and do yourself the way you believe it should..

As ChillerDragon explained very well, these features require a more expensive master server, a way to handle downtimes, good developers with free time for this no-profit project...

and I wonder what about modded cheat server that send fake rankings and skill points?