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So I dont make "graphics" for a long time... but I think about what program I should use?
I have Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator. Ok the most is the experience or opionen what program is the best for me but AI (Adobe Illustrator) looks a lot nicer , have more features / effects and it dont crash so often like Inkscape .... Soooo what you think is better or you know a other vector based program? Please let me know smile

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We the graphics team of Teeworlds mainly use Inkscape, it has established itself over the years as the go-to software.
It has one big advantage over Illustrator a very simple one it's free to use and open source just like Teeworlds guess.
Inkscape uses SVG as its default file type which is the international standard by the World Wide Web Consortium this type is usually supported about everywhere .. which is why we prefer this type over everything else.
Inkscape surly has not as fancy features as Illustrator and may look aged but for Teeworlds it offers everything you need.


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Check out Affinity Designer, if you want(Windows & macOS only).
Costs 50 freedom bucks once.

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Oh , I never heard of Affinity Designer...


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The adobe illuster is not working properly on my device. It is showing Asus error code 55. If you have any idea to fix this, please help me.