Topic: Strawpoll Community mod whishes

Hello Community!

I want to know what kind of mods you are missing in Teeworlds 0.7 and what you whish as next mod. A lot of Servers are empty all the time and I hope to find something the community wants to play.

Thats why I am doing a strawpoll ^.^

http://www.rkursem.com/poll/view.php?id … 6975756a70

You can add your own answers. Feel free to write your whishes,



Re: Strawpoll Community mod whishes

gCTF exists already


Re: Strawpoll Community mod whishes

So Currently 4 Ideas share the first place:
[li]Man vs Machine[/li]
[li]Partee Mod[/li]
[li]Zombie Escape[/li]

So I have the oppurtunity to decide, which Mod I will be making next.

I decided for the Partee Mod, because it'll give the chance to experiment with stuff and explore further in what the community wants to play.

In "Partee" I can implement such stuff as (a lightweight) ball and gCTF, too and much much more.

I considered Man vs Machine and Zombie Escape, too! Man vs Machine would be similar to the ZOMB Mod (at least a bit) and @Yavl is currently working on Infection, so both are currently out for that decision.

gCTF exists already! I don't know what the community wants me to do with this Mod. Server ip:

If any other developer sees this post, feel free to program whatever you want smile


Re: Strawpoll Community mod whishes

I voted for Party and Quest, because a game should be fun! :-)