Topic: [MAP] cGores 1.0 (Gores-map)

Since there are quiet a few people on 0.7 that enjoy gores (including me) and the only currently existing map being AiP-Gores I decided to give mapping a shot.
And it actually turned out great: An easy/moderate map with a lot of variety and some original parts.
I started from the absolute zero knowledge wise and like to thank Dune and teeslayer for helping me with the weirdness that is 0.7 mapping (in comparison to 0.6)
Also I like to thank Candyx*, brainless tee and spider for extensive play testing the map during its development.
Map: https://ufile.io/rdb7aj79
Image: https://imgur.com/a/04EiGLr
The map will be hostet on one of teeslayers servers in the days to come.
Stay tuned!
ys coany


Re: [MAP] cGores 1.0 (Gores-map)

I suggest it, Feels Original & is fun to play, almost not even Gores. Good work Coany.