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Topic: [MAP] p2pEasy (DDRace, 2 player, Easy)

Hi :D
I created a short map for beginners (10-20min because there is a lot of unfreeze).
In the map are 2 places where players can stuck, but when i played with other players (also newbs), no one stuck in this places ;)

If you wanna you can host and modify this map. Please keep information about me on map :)


Stages: 20
Avg time: 10-20min
Name: p2pEasy
Difficulty: Easy (good for first play)
Author: Me :D  (PatrykP /in game: Landia356/)
Mappers: DDNet-walls, _letters (from simpleDDRace), my own sprites
Version: Teeworlds 0.7 (server: simpleDDRace)
Map size: 85KB


https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Mky6Q … jC_FzAzi6Q



stage with tree


Whole map:

My sprites:

its simple, but i include it for everyone who wanna create sth with this ;)
whole map
yes its 16x16px :P only simple colors

Special thanks to

Dune for help with automapper tool
Zarax and Miller for help with testing
And to all players who wrote opinion about map when i was creating it ;)

I w8 for yours feedback ;)


Re: [MAP] p2pEasy (DDRace, 2 player, Easy)

fix invisible freeze
fix blocking in small hooking stage


Re: [MAP] p2pEasy (DDRace, 2 player, Easy)

Wow, it has been a while since i've seen a new ddrace map made for a non-ddnet mod. Thanks!