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Hi there!

I want to introduce you to ctf_taki. This is an old map of mine that i recently started to work on again to get it polished and finally officially released.

PunBB bbcode test


PunBB bbcode test



-191 by 35 actual play area, excluding the pits
-202 by 90 total

Tilesets used:

Download Link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzpy4waab4jvq … i.map?dl=0


Re: [MAP] ctf_taki

Nice map, it looks great! smile


Re: [MAP] ctf_taki

It does look great indeed. The design of the map is quite interesting, a good mix of cramped and open spaces. It reminds me of the old ctf4 map.

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looks awesome big_smile


Re: [MAP] ctf_taki

Your map looks very polished smile

I meant to send this earlier. I think you could improve a few things or only take notice of them for your next maps...

Overall, it looks like you nailed the height of the corridors in ctf_taki, but I think those 2 places I marked with red circles might prove troublesome.

Also, I think adding vertical obstacles is something that makes the map more challenging and fun. You can see you have a straight path from one base to the other right there that could be improved smile

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