Topic: #1908 Considering laser jump/explosion for vanilla

#1908 Issue: Considering laser jump/explosion for vanilla

Zatline opened issue at 2018-12-19 14:45:

This may have potential, here my suggestion

- like in InstaShield (0.7 Instagib) explosion is triggered when laser is fired very close to the ground
- laser explosion inflicts more overall damage than a usual granade explosion
- due to more damage the resulting jump should of course be a little bit stronger
- explosion cancels the bounce off the wall impotant!
so you can't  jump and wall bounce at the same time, it's a fair tradeoff which helps balancing it.
- new  laser-dedicated particle effect

If done like described above laser would even add a spin on race think about it,
it would have a stronger jump abillity but u can't propound a shot unlike with granade lancher so it gives people a choise to wrap their head around it adds to the skill sealing and trick shot mechanics u could sync up granade explosions with a final laser explosion for that extra boost that u wouldn't have got when u had not switched the weapon.

Dune-jr commented at 2018-12-19 16:45:

I think those gameplay discussions should be kept in the forum, they are getting out of control here.

1stDecadeTW commented at 2018-12-19 17:29:

I'd prefer to make instashield an official vanilla gametype instead of mixing vanilla with its gameplay mechanics, as suggested in issue #1907

BUT, two conditions must be achieved before releasing  this new gametype:
- Improve the gametype name, make it more descriptive just as CTF, LMS, DM.
- Make it possible to play alone or as a team.

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Re: #1908 Considering laser jump/explosion for vanilla

I think explosions should be kept for the weapons that usually create explosions. In vanilla, these explosions even do self-damage, so I think it wouldn't really fit for the vanilla laser.


Re: #1908 Considering laser jump/explosion for vanilla

Totally agree with heinrich on this one.

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