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#357 Issue: Medals/awards
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Ubu- opened issue at 2010-12-16 12:17:

Some actions could be rewarded, like in Quake. Possible situations:
- defense: when you kill the opponent flag carrier or an enemy near you flag
- assist: you kill an enemy near your flag carrier, you return the flag when your team has the enemy flag


These rewards would fit into the statistics.

Batchyx commented at 2010-12-18 11:39:

killing the flag holder and returning the flag are already rewarded with points.

as for "killing a enemy near your flag or near your flag carrier", it's actually subjective. someone can be away from the objective but still in weapon range (especially pistol and gl)

Ubu- commented at 2010-12-18 12:59:

These were just ideas taken from Quake, it was just to illustrate. First, we have to decide if we want such awards. Personally I think it would be really cool with a little teeish sound. Sushi Tee implemented a little award system in the gctf mod, by using the emotes. It is limited because it is only server side, but check it, if you want an exemple.

Also it is not because it is already rewarded by points that we shouldn't have a medal for it. Medals should be linked to some specific actions, for example a player who captures the flag should be granted a medal, imo. It is a good way to reward players and to have pretty stats.

More ideas of medals:
Offense: when you grab the flag
Backup: when you kill the carrier of the flag
Capture: when you capture the flag
Defense: kill an enemy near your flag
Assist: take the flag of your mate and then score/your team scores right after you kill the ennemy carrier

Impressive: 2 lasers shots in a row
Humiliation: hammer kill
Excellent: 2 frags in two seconds
Accuracy: grenade kill in the air

heinrich5991 commented at 2010-12-18 15:21:

all in all: nice idea. but instead of giving a negative sound to the killed one i would suggest playing a sound to the killer.
i also suggest to add some killing sprees.
what about a negative award for chat-killing 5 times? (i know, sometimes you kill a chatter accidently, but not 5 times :)

Ubu- commented at 2010-12-18 23:15:

I think killing sprees suck, doing 5 kills in a row in 2 min doesn't mean much. But doing 5 kills in 3 sec. means that you just done a rampage. Something like the "Excellent" award seem better to me.

About your negative award, it doesn't seem like a standart award to me. This kind of situation almost never happen. It would fit more in an achievements list of an account system.

heinrich5991 commented at 2010-12-19 10:38:

Ubu-: maybe you're right. what about awarding the tee who killed most tees while chatting at the end of the match?

Ubu- commented at 2010-12-19 11:25:

I think it is a bad idea. I don't think we should take into account situations that are unusual. Killing people who chat isn't part of the gameplay of teeworlds. In my opinion, people aren't even supposed to chat during a game. Also I think that awards should fit all the kind of games (public, private games), which wouldn't be the case for your award as there is no chat kills in clan wars.

martikaine commented at 2010-12-20 13:18:

Imo all we need is:

Defence: kill an enemy near our flag
Capture: self-explanatory
Assist: kill the enemy flagger, resulting in a capture for your team shortly after

Impressive: 2 laser hits in a row
Humiliation: hammer kill (this could be really argued upon, as the hammer is actually a very usable weapon in Teeworlds, unlike in Quake where it's truly weak and deserves the medal)
Excellent: 2 kills in 2 seconds

Anything more is pretty useless (at least in my point of view), and wouldn't contribute to the gameplay all that much.

Also a strict no for killing sprees, it only encourages caring about your own health more than the game objective. Say a player is on a 9 kill spree and 2 hp left, and his  flag carrier is struggilng to leave the enemy base. Many would choose getting more HP and saving the spree instead of helping out your mate. Intelligent players wouldn't be bothered by this of course, but giving a reason for the less experienced player to play stupid wouldn't be what I'd want.

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