Topic: Can you confirm that my opinion is reflected?

Can i confirm my opinion accept this program?
like github's issued or commit!!

and i issued some problem in github

please check this. thank you https://github.com/teeworlds/teeworlds/issues/1512


Re: Can you confirm that my opinion is reflected?

Usually the score is in the teeworlds archive. You know i guess.
On windows: you go on teeworlds files and you find the config file and everything you want there. Check if is any problem there.
On Linux: Open the "Files" menu and press "Crtl + H". After that a lot of folders and documents will appear: search for .teeworlds file from "Home" and search the config menu and the setting menu. Search for the score thing in a CDplayer too, as ChillerDragon said : "I see no problem with the score system.
And if you want to edit that:
As far as i remember the score is saved in a CPlayer variable names m_Score but im not 100% sure."
Im not sure if i helped, but i tryied.